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Server Back Online (only basic functionality)
Verfasst am: w0dk4 @ 22.01.18 16:46
Hi guys,

since Crazy seems to be gone and with him the latest source and binaries of the server and client hooks, I compiled some older sources (~6-7 years old Crying or Very sad ) and put up a new server which is running on the-starport.net hardware. Also, we did not have any charbackups it seems. The only one we could find was from April 2015 thanks to Nosfi.

Server IP: hc.flserver.de:2302

Mod Download: http://flserver.de/hhc/hc_client_mod_v415.zip.flmod

FLCharadmin and most of the web-related features are down. Most commands from here http://www.freelancerserver.de/v2/topic,11667_Ingame_Commands.html work, but not all of them.
Dynamic Economy also does not work.

Anticheat features are very limited.

Oh, and I set the starting money for newly created characters to 20k because who cares


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