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Beitrag Titel: ANS Europa history:Tales Of Old:The Threat Returns[101st WP]
Verfasst am: 05.11.07 06:08
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Author: [WP]Shadow


This story was not written by me , but from [WP]Shadow (101st Wolfpack), its entirely RPG and too show that ANS-Europa have history. I post it here so HC community can read it and little fall in the story You may noticed ANS Europa is 101st WP Carrier and they have same background story as us: Alliance, but today ANS Europa is under command of TCEagles in HC section but still remains Carrier/Command center or so called home for WP Squadron.

101st WolfPack : Tales of old

The threat returns…

Prelude of Shadow: Taking the Good with the Bad:

The letter was addressed to Flight Captain Drago, and was from the Alliance high command. As he opened it Drago's hand shook. He read it and dropped his glass on the floor, he was to be transferred to the 101st WolfPack squadron where he would start again as a cadet, he felt happy at first but then realised he would never see his CO again.....or his wing...

facing Squadron Leader Shadow was the hardest part, it was made worse by the fact that Shadow already new about it...he was standing outside on his balcony waiting for Drago, his hands clenching the railing. Drago slowly wondered in nervously...
after a long pause of just standing there
"DONT even start Drago, I already know about the transfer....I don’t want your excuses or explanations" Shadow sighed "Look....you have been with me in SD from day 1. I cant remember anyone else being in SD longer than you except me and Dark Fox, although he has been here as long as I, and though I have never told you this....I..... "he know turned to face Drago and put on a kind face and with a smile said "I think of you as my equal, despite you being such a lower rank than me and Fox, you are a better pilot than him and indeed a better one than Catkiller. I have taught you everything...EVERYTHING I know, and that was months ago...The fact you have progressed is by yourself. I have improved as well but you will soon be beyond my skill level and it is time you moved on....command has realised this and has acted....it is not my place to argue..."

"But....but sir I want to stay by your side and fight along with you. You have trained me been my wingman and my wing leader....you have my full respect....I don’t think I could follow another like I do you!"

"you will Drago! you WILL and you will do it well! it is your nature to do so! I know of no one like you, you follow orders like no other and you have been by me ever since I was a WC myself....a long time.... " when Bloodblade made me Commander Admiral of SD I was scared too....I thought no one would follow me because I wasn’t respected like him....and look where I am today! I want you to be like me! and you will be! now go...your ship is waiting...."
Drago understood the alliance hero's words...he nodded, saluted and worked out. The admiral turned and muttered "damn you Drago! we WILL meet again...."

"this is Drago I’m prepped and ready launch control. Hit it when your ready!"

"All right Drago launching you know your ship was sent by the 101st and they have set it on auto pilot for the duration of the flight. No one has been aloud near it otherwise its defence systems went up so you’ll be on your own till you get there...good flying and gods speed"
"alright understood...Drago out!"

"and Drago......we'll miss you.....thanks for all your help friend"

there was a slight pause "no problem...just doing my job...."

though they could not see behind the pilots visor...a small tear went down the Wing Commanders face as the 101st cargo ship launched and set out on its journey.

When he arrived, his ship came near a huge carrier, much bigger than the ANS War Cry, which he was used to.

then a crackle on the comms as they came online after an hour or so.

"this is the ANS Europa to Shuttle 1-4 you may land at dock 5, welcome to the Europa pilot"

Drago stared in ore at the amazing site of the magnificent carrier...as his shuttle came down to land he saw 4 men on the launch bay floor.

as his door opened he climbed out and the 4 men approached him

"Welcome to the Europa pilot, and the 101st WolfPack" the man smiled, he was quite big with broad shoulders and seemed to be a dominating figure over everyone in the room.

"Th...thank you....sir"

"I am Admiral Stefan call sign Crying Devil, commander of this carrier. This is vice admiral Skorpion and Flight Captain Binage." He pointed to the 2 men on his right "And this is Scooter, he will be your training partner, he is also new to the WolfPack."

The young man on his left smiled and nodded, Drago nodded back then look and Skorpion and Binage, who both smiled.

"now firstly, what’s your name young sir?"
"Flight Captain Taylor call sign Dr....." he thought a minute about who he came from and the tradition Shadow had once told him of. This was that if you ever left SD, you were to use your trainer's name

"call sign Shadow sir"

ah well, welcome aboard Shadow, here we call everyone by the call sign, you’ll soon get used to it. Now I suggest you get some rest you have a long day ahead of you tomorrow. You have 8 hours training with your new trainer Skorpion, our training officer, who will be monitoring your progress, and Binage who is your new wing leader."

"Welcome to alpha wing mate." Binage smiled and Drago smiled back.

"your new Shroud will be ready tomorrow, it will have your name and your new sign on its side," he smiled " and we'll put a WP flight suit inside. That one is not for WP's" he winked and then beconded Drago to walk with him while dismissing the rest.

"I know you are a respected person in your old squadron. I have read upon your history and yes I know all about you, but never the less, you shall be a cadet from now on until promoted. In the WolfPack, EVERYONE starts new."

"Understood sir, I’m...I’m glad to be here."

"I know its a little much to take in right now, you must miss your old CO, but don’t worry, I don’t bite." he gave a chuckle and Drago smiled.

"Well ill show you to your bunk room...I suggest you get some sleep."

"Yes sir."

They wondered off into the corridors of the ANS Europa...Drago already felt at home here...

Prelude of Talorin: Old memories come back:

The communicator onboard of the ANS Europa was making its monotonous static hiss of a no-comm. state, the communications officer was fast asleep at his station, and most of the command deck was empty. It was quite and cold. As cold as only space could be. The fighter squadrons were in their respective hangers, the marines asleep in the barracks and only people awake were the Europa's nighttime skeleton crew. It was a silent night, a night of dreams and prophecies, and a night of change.

A muffled beep escaped the Comm speaker, a beep so quite that none aside from a well-trained and expert night-time communications officer could have even heard, yet the officer was up and a wake in a split second. Grabbing the headphones and eyeing the radar screens he looked and waited. nothing happened. The young LT started relaxing and thought to him self "must have been a system bug" he started putting the headphones back down, but then he heard it again, louder this time. "....eeep.....beeep....beeep" the Comm gear came alive as the radar screens detected an incoming fighter. A lone fighter, of a very old configuration. The LT hit a couple buttons and the sophisticated FoF system analysed the small ship. The computer counsel came alive with an error message - "FoF scan sequence completed, ship recognised as KIA" With up most surprise the Comm officer checked the records, this sip did indeed belong to the Wolf Pack a long time ago. Over 3 years ago in fact. It was an old Class I Phoenix from the SLE wars and its code name was "War Bird" code number SL1x990T. "accessing War Bird pilot records...please stand by..." faster, you damn piece of crap muttered the officer. A lone fighter could do no damage to the ANS Europa but no one has seen a Class one fighter in years. The LT was getting worried. At its current speed the fighter would reach the Europa in about 20 minutes. "... Phoenix, class I, identification plate number SL1x990T, one pilot recorded, killed in action 3 years ago, Major Talorin Xarr of Netherhold. Commander of Omega squadron, decorated officer. Announced dead after final engagement with Coalition remnant on 03.09.2637..."
"scan ship for life forms!" .... "processing...life form detected, 1, human, male".

Grabbing the in-ship Comm controls the LT hailed Crying Devil, after a few seconds a sleepy voice came through "...what in hell do you want? do you have any idea what time it is?!" "apologies sir, but I think you should see this... we have a guest".

5 minutes later Devil was standing next to the Comm Officer staring at the multiple screens showing ship identification records, pilot records, and a very large flashing message "KIA". "This makes no sense" said the Commander of Wolf Pack, the most honoured Admiral Crying Devil, successor of Captain America. "I saw his ship disappear in the grav' anomaly that finished the Endure battle 3 years ago. He is supposed to be dead." the Comm officer merely shrugged and said "appears that he is not Sir. what do we do now?" "Hail him".

"...the ANS Europa hailing War Bird, War Bird please respond.... nothing Sir, no answer". Devil started pacing around, the Wolf Pack has encountered returning pilots from similar although smaller scale grav' anomalies before, they were all mad, and came back with guns blazing. To the tactical officer - "Son, what are the status of our shields?" ... "Sir, they are still down for maintenance, we cannot bring them back up for another hour and a half, Sir." Devil was pacing. "Sir, will he not be able to significantly damage the hull if our shields are down?" asked the Comm officer. "Yes, Lieutenant, yes he will be able to do just that." "Target him with 4 of the rear defence turret, do not open fire until I say so."

100 clicks...83...70...40...20...10....3... The Phoenix stopped. It was just sitting next to the Europa, without moving or hailing.

"Send a platoon of marines to landing dock 4. tell them to be ready for any thing, open dock 4 doors."

The huge blast doors slid open and the fighter went in. The doors closed behind it.

Devil was running down the corridors leading to dock #4 at full speed, he was hoping for, and fearing the same thing. A squad of marines waited at the dock doors when the Admiral arrived. Their commander saluted, and asked "Admiral, Sir, what are we doing here?" Devil returned the salute and said "greeting a ghost..." with that he reached for the control panel and opened the doors.

... the hanger was almost empty, it was mostly used as a cargo hanger now days, but back when it was the home of Omega Space Superiority squadron. Talorin's Squadron.... The marines entered in a defensive formation around the Admiral, and proceeded towards the fighter... when they got close enough they could see multiple laser and plasma burns, a destroyed Comm antenna and numerous cracks in the hull. This phoenix will never fly again. The cockpit was still sealed. Devil ordered the marines to stay on guard and approached the fighter cautiously.... the cockpit opened.

Outside stumbled some one that Devil has not seen in years, looked at the Admiral, smiled and collapsed.

"Get him to sickbay, quick!" shouted the Admiral as the marines grabbed the pilot.

"He has multiple plasma burns on his body, a concoction and a few broken ribs. It also seems that he has suffered significant neurological damage and his shoulder is broken in 3 places. it appears...it appears that he saw hell and came back to tell the tale Sir." said the ship doctor after inspecting the pilot. "Will he live?" "It is difficult to say, it does not seem probable".

Devil leaned over the broken body and said "I know you, you son of a bitch. You will live." and quieter still "welcome back my friend"

Western Alliance - 301st TCEagles Squadron

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Chapter 1: The Lost Patrol:

"still no contact sir" "well god damn it! get it back Teni, I want to know where my patrol went!" "yes sir! I’m trying"
Admiral Crying Devil turned away from the comms officer and looked out of the bridge window of the ANS Europa. he muttered under his breath "damn it where are you Shadow...."

"Angelus, watch you six! he right on you!" "shit I see him.....some one scrape him damn it! I can’t hold this much longer!" "alright I’m trying ill be ri...SHIT" Shadow's patrol had been ambushed by an unknown contact who was now out numbering them. his wing had lost 3 pilots whom he had luckily tractored the ejection pods of. Now both he and 2 other pilots remained and they were badly damaged....

"Star lancer get me that comms link back now! we cant stay like this much longer" "yes sir I’m trying....wait I got something....it isn’t a comms but some kind of signal...friendly! Sir it’s a guardian, Chemo!" "patch a Comms through" "yes sir"

"Chemo can you hear me? this is defender wing leader....we need back up now! my wing is out numbered and half have ejected"

"this is Chemo, I hear you mate...."

"I’m glad to see you mate"

"wouldn’t bet on that...." " huh?"

as Chemo’s ship came into visual range Shadow saw that his ship had lost a wing and was badly damaged, then he was followed shortly by 4 of his wing and enough enemies to take down a fleet

"oh my god.... sir I don't think we're gonna make it...." "calm down Angelus...Chemo how many you got? " "lots....they came from no where and we cant get through to the ANS Europa" "is neither it seems they.." "sorry to interrupt sir but I got a massive signal....it is bigger than cap ship...."

just then a huge mothership class vessel jumped in right behind Chemo and his wing and smashed straight through 2 of his members

"shit! alright get on those extra fighters I’m gonna sort out a jump route for us...."

"I cant hold it sir! she’s going critical! shit she wont hold!!!" "Angelus eject!!! eject damn it!"

Angelus's ship had lost all power now and was a drifting ship on fire, a enemy fighter homed in on the helpless pilot and shot a torpedo into the side causing it to blow up

"you bastard! damn it I cant tractor him! Chemo who has your pilots?" "no one....they're all gone..." "all?" "all but us 5"

the fighting continued for and hour longer with raging bravery Chemo and Shadow fought together along with the scraps left from there wings against the unknown foe. left and right the enemies came but they kept going until it was just Chemo and shadow left, they had killed almost all the fighters as their last wing man went down....

"Help me! I can’t shake hi...." "shit Nia......" "CHEMO get a hold of yourself! you can’t let your feelings get in the way or you’ll die! Chemo!!!!"

Chemo was now just flying in one line, Shadow quickly dealt with a fighter on Chemo's tail and turned to face another, using 2 missile blew him away then came back to Chemo. "come on man we got to get out of here, I have nothing left but 1 gun and my shields are completely gone....my hull isn’t great either.."

"your right...lets get going, you got that route?" "Yeah sending them now......ok......jumping now"

the 2 badly torn up fighters jumped out just as the enemy launched a 2nd wing of fighters. They jumped into an empty part of space and were answered by the ANS Europa

"this is ANS Europa calling defender wing patrol please come in......sir I've got them!" "good patch them through!"

"this is the admiral Crying Devil, Shadow can you hear me?!?! are you there?"

"this is shadow.....I’m here and I've got Chemo with me...."

"where’s is the rest?"

"3 are in my cargo bay, but the rest are gone...."

"all?!?! every single one?!?!? mother of god......"

"yes sir..."

"sir we're jumping to their co ordinates now"

the ANS Europa appeared right in front of the 2 damaged wrecks. as they landed Shadow took of his helmet, and walked slowly and wearily towards his admiral who was standing waiting for them. Crying Devil rushed over to Shadow and asked "what happened?"

Shadow looked at him with pleading eyes and said nothing. The admiral understood and said "Well done my friend, you did your best, you brought yourself and 4 other pilots back."

With that he went over to Chemo, as Shadow stared at one of his wingmen being taken away on a stretcher.

When everyone had left, Shadow was alone in the launch bay.

The War torn Wing Commander dropped to his knees......and wept......

Western Alliance - 301st TCEagles Squadron

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