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Western Alliance page: http://www.western-alliance.org
Established Sat Jan 12 2008

name: Western Alliance
tags: ANF & ANS

Alliance is organization where law friendly Squadrons will discuss and organize against crime and Alliance enemys. Main objective is to unite all in one old Western Alliance which fought Coalition in solar war and came in Sirius long time ago to preserve their way of life, Now Alliance needs you again to stop those who want too destroy this way (Pirates) And coalition like Organizations which works with pirates, if you wish to join Alliance please sign up your Squadron on forum to become Alliance Naval Fighter.

Squadrons tags:
- [TCEagles]Nick[H], 301st.ANF
- [317th]Nick, 317th.ANF
- [<CURE>]-Nick , 181st.ANF
- [Marauders]Nick[H], 205th.ANF

- example of regular clan fighter char name: ANF-Nick
- example of regular clan capital ship char name: ANS-Nick
- WA recruits are ANF- Alliance Naval Fighters (WA regular pilots), after trial they are allowed to choose their squadron to join
- Character without any tag should be understanded as char with ANS/ANF tag:
Western Alliance - Colonial is the same as Western Alliance - ANF-Colonial
- squadron tags are allowed only on fighters
- capitals, transposrts and rep ships must be tagged ANS
- fighters unassigned to any squadron must be tagged ANF

1. Dont attack unindentified ship if u dont get attacked from it.
2. Always be ready for a fight and watch you co-pilot back.
3. Kill on sight known enemys, but ask your Squadroon leader too confirm fire.
4. Do not tax.
5. Dont pay tax
6. Try help civilian if pirate tax him.
7. Don not listen too rumors who is a pirate or Coalition pilot, because alot of pirates will spread false accusations
8. Report freelancer that attacked you so we can deal with them and be ready for next attack from them.
9. Dont shoot transports (read again 1st point)

The Great Solar War has raged unchecked for decades. The Eastern Coalition and Western Alliance clash on hundreds of fronts, the death toll ranging into the millions. The Eastern Coalition manages to gain the upper hand and sensing their eventual demise the Alliance launches one last bid to preserve their way of life. From within a ship a man closes his eyes as if to sleep. With a flash his head falls back and to it's side as he's thrusted into the deepest and longest sleep hes ever experienced. The metal pod that now holds his life slowly powers down and appears to enter it's own sleep, a dim flashing light it's only voice. Looking down the cold, dark and sterile hall reveals that this pod is not alone. Hundreds of its brothers line the walls, with hundreds more on the next floor and the next. All of the ships we're made that way, to house as many people as possible, to save mankind. This was the Alliances last hope, to launch thousands of its citizens into space, and pray they reach the Sirus system and rebuild what years of war have ripped apart. 4 ships we're constructed, each to house a different culture. Christened The Liberty, the first ship carried Americans, The Kusari carried Japanese, The Rheinland consisted of Germans and the Bretonia was the heart of the British. In a massive effort to protect these cryoships , the Alliance gathers every last ship in it's fleet and launches a huge offensive on the Coalition. Torpedoes and lasers fill the black void of space as the cryoships race by. The first part of they're plan was a success, the cryoships escaped the battle with little damage and begin their long journey to humanities new home. But the battle raged on, the Alliance with their strengthened moral press forward as more Coalition forces join the battle. For a mere moment humanity was engaged in the biggest battle in history. Then the impossible happened. Into Earth's darkest hour enters mans first contact with an alien race. From out of the darkest black of space, a colossal ship materializes into its native purple hue. Towering over the biggest of the Coalition/Alliance carriers it casts a massive shadow over the entire battlefield bringing the entire war to a sudden and startling halt. For a brief time humanity was united once more in curiosity as fighters stop dead in their tacks, and carriers turn to face this historic event. For a moment the entire sector holds its breath while it awaits the aliens next move. They don't have to wait long as their ship slowly turns to face the brightest star in our solar system: the sun. A dim light begins to grow brighter and brighter from within the vessel as it gathers strength for its sinister purpose. With a flash a fireball of energy is shot out of the ship at a tremendous speed, racing towards Sol's only source of light and heat. Within seconds of its release it hits the mark, utterly destroying the sun. But, this was far from over. The shock wave generated from the suns destruction ripped through the sector, ripping moons from their orbit and eventually reducing them to ashes, destroyed entire planets in seconds as if they were made of plaster and left nothing of the battle group save charred scraps of metal. There have been several rumors couple alliance Squadrons managed to escape oblivion and follow coordinates of their sleeperships. Two now known original Squadrons from solar sector that managed to get in their carriers in Sirius sector are TCEagles and Wolfpack Squadrons, there are probably more but havent found eachother yet. TCEagles and WP have meet couple years back in some conflict against pirate forces, there we meet eachother as lost brothers and give eachother a hand. But now Wolfpacks decided to go their own way independent without support of other Alliance Squadrons, but we didnt break our friendship yet though Wolfpack have good relationship with some of Alliance enemys. We hope for them one day they will again find the place where they belong and we will unite forces against those who want to destroy our way of life. Alliance is now trying to rebuild their forces and its recruiting new pilots, making new Squadrons that will work together against real enemys.


- Dont shoot unidentified targets without authorization of your Commander or Squadron Commander
- Each Squadron commander is responsible for his own Squadron, but if Squadron Commander is not available pilots can take orders from next High ranked officer in Alliance or their Squadron.
- Squadron Commanders are High Command and core for deciding important decisions (nobody is outranking others) such as: diplomatic relationship with other factions, deciding for new rules/codex, giving tasks to certain Squadron, deciding who will become new member of Alliance...
- supplying base is duty of all Squadrons, so all must supply base as they can, unless Squadron commanders agree in some other solution.
- Alliance is navy type of Organization and we aim to be peacekeepers and protect our way of life, if Alliance Squadrons gets in trouble and other Squadron thinks they can resolve conflict peacefully, they have right to send their Squadron diplomat as Alliance diplomat to negotiate, if they cant resolve peacefully, Alliance will try another alternatives with force.

Codex will be update if needed...



#Abbreviations ........Name
1. .....Con.................Conscript

Fighter Pilot

#Abbreviations ........Name
2. .....Pvt..................Private
3. .....PFC.................Private First Class
4. .....LCpl.................Lance Corporal
5. .....Cpl..................Corporal

Veteran Fighter Pilot

#Abbreviations ........Name
6. .....Sgt..................Sergeant
7. .....SSgt................Staff Sergeant
8. .....GSgt...............Gunnery Sergeant
9. .....MSgt................Master Sergeant
10. ...1Sgt................First Sergeant
11. ...MC..................Master Chief
12. ...SgtMaj.............Sergeant Major
13. ...Ens..................Ensign

Elite Veteran Fighter Pilot

#Abbreviations ........Name
14. .....3Lt.................Third Lieutenant
15. .....2Lt.................Second Lieutenant
16. .....1Lt.................First Lieutenant
17. .....Cpt................Captain
18. .....GrpCpt...........Group Captain
19. .....SnrCpt...........Senior Captain
20. .....LtMaj..............Lieutenant Major
21. .....Maj.................Major
22. .....GrpMaj...........Group Major
23. .....LtCm..............Lieutenant Commander
24. .....Cm................Commander
25. .....SqdCm..............Group/Squadron Commander

Current Squadrons of Western Alliance:

TCEagles Squadron - Terran Colonial Eagles

While 4 colonys allready established their bases and pirates roamed sirius without any serious oponnent too fight them. Cryo Battleship with name ANS Terra, jumped into sirius sector. First thing they encoutered were pirates that started massive gathering around this glorius ship. They started too send hails too drop everything worth from ship or they will commence the attack. Small Squadron of fighters were launched out of Cryo Battleship. Among that pilots were Commander BiosBoy, fighter pilot crashbx, fighter pilot seeker, fighter pilot Fitz, fighter pilot Macload. Their mission was too destroy enemy that send demands. Pirates didnt expected such a resistance and were sent into oblivion in a matter of minute. Pirates that managed too get away from massacre started too investigate who are this pilots, where they comed from... They found out that ANS Terra was main base of old Alliance Squadron with codename Terran Colonial Eagles or short TCEagles that fought in the great solar war (The Eastern Coalition and Western Alliance). They also dig one more information, they are maybe not the only Squadron that managed too jumped into sirius soon after Alliance Squadrons realise strange aliens(nomads) dont have good plan for our home solar system. We had same mission as General RockFord too find Remaining of Alliance and warn them about this threat. But when we finnaly reached the destination we found out Sirius is not in danger just from Nomads, new threat or rather old and common in all societys was on the move: The Pirates. Many people say Pirates of Sirius originate from the cryoship hispania that didnt manage too reach the destination as the rest of sleeperships, there are also rumors that hispania ship was sabotaged by Coalition that infiltrated the ship and that some Coalition commanders started too lead pirates, while others say pirates are actually remainings of The Coalition and their goal is too destroy Alliance and what ever is left of it. So TCEagles main mission was again too fight anybody who is fighting against House if they wanted to preserve Alliance way of life .
Today TCEagles still fly side by side they have found many enemys and friends. Commander biosboy was sadly lost in action during fight against outcasts that was more than 2 years ago, till that time pilot crashbx took his place as Commander since he was that time one of 5 Generals 2 years ago, he showed his skills in numerous fights against enemys of Alliance and his Squadron. He was the one that leaded Squadron when no other high ranked officer was at disposal. After he was promoted too Commander of this Squadron he didnt hesitate too promote his best Wingmans: Seeker, Macload and Fitz which showed loyalty and skill beyond limits in this Squadron.

45th Squadron - Volunteers Old Squadron now all members create ANS & ANF char

TCEagles recruits and cadets Volunteer aviation unit, here TCEagles conscript joins where they prove them self to their peers before they can join TCEagles Squadron. 45th Trainers are Asky and Freddy.
We have idea to replace [45th] by regular ANF fighters, so when recruits pass trial they keep their ANF and make squad char if they want join any squad

CURE Squadron - Colonial unit for retaliation and execution

This aviation unit have skilled pilots for special tasks like attacking risky enemy targets or just normal combat. Not much info is known about their Squadron because they dont like to speak of their past, but its obvious they had hard past since they all survived more than human can imagine.

We would also request to register following Western Alliance tags:

[TCEagles] [317th] [Marauders] [45th] [<CURE>] ANS ANF 301st.ANF, 181st.ANF, 317th.ANF, 205th.ANF, 45th.ANF

Western Alliance - 301st TCEagles Squadron

Posted Image, might have been reduced in size. Click Image to view fullscreen.
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