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Beitrag Titel: Structural Integrity Lost
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Council Member IceMan kicked pieces of debris aside. Yesterday this whole area had been relieved of oxygen. Hundreds had died attempting to defend Andromeda from the frenzied Nexus attack fleet. Nobody knew for sure why they had come in such numbers. SLF never considered itself such a threat to the wellbeing of Nexus. It was good to know SLF made a difference to the stability of Honshu including Sin City, but the cost had been enormous. Lives were lost. Brave men and women died. All in such a short timeframe. Incredibly, vacations probably saved many lives, while rendering those of the people on active duty bound to be lost.

He decided it was time. As he reached for the ship's intercom, metal was once again cracking and people would nervously look around for any signs of possible structural weakness.

"Fellow brothers and sisters," he started. His voice spreading through the pressurized departaments of the ship, while remaining deadly silent in those areas where unlucky members found their death in the vacuums of space.

"We've fought for our existence many times before. Wars will remain a painful part of the reality in our universe. As a result, people will die. Yesterday was one of those days where we had to take hits. My blessings are with those who died that day and to those who may die as a result of the siege."

He paused for a minute. There was no actual knowledge of the amount of casualties and severely wounded. Judging from the structural integrity of Andromeda, those numbers would rise rapidly as search parties would start their sweeps.

"Fact remains we cannot give up now. We were aware of Nexus forces building up at our doorstep, but frankly an attack was expected much earlier. We were caught off guard at an understaffed time. This attack was for no other reason than to show power. Power at the cost of lives. No other reasons. This has to be stopped. The Council and Admirality will together decide our next course of actions and these actions will be made public after the damage has been cleared. We will retalliate. Now, I want five minutes of silence for our fallen comrades."

IceMan saluted, followed by the clanmembers present. As the crew of Andromeda came to full silence, ships from the distance speeding towards her reduced speed seeing they were too late. From that distance the damage was clear. Hullplates floated around the ship. Lights were flashing on and off. Wrecked Eagles floated around the base, friend and foe alike. They had found true peace at last.
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