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Beitrag Titel: new year, old enemies
Verfasst am: 03.01.09 02:34
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Another year passed. Some enemies remained, some vanished from Omicrons, where we, OEG, live.

IMMORTAL, clan that gave us some nice fights, faced internal problems and vanished from HHC. Gfs, it was fun and its good to see some of you are still around.

AuW, nice guys who came from another server where they owned Omicron Gamma (at one point this and friendship with TCE made us enemies). I feel sad we end up on different sides, apart from strange neutral reputations with 2 pirate clans (i hope its a misunderstanding and will not hold for long) you are the the most organised and good to play with hunter clan active.

Gamma conflict this year and how-it-was is best to describe with this YouTube video
TCE, who claimed to be protectors of Omicron systems, first merges itself with other clans and forms WA due to low pilot activity, then starts ignoring pirates like Skull, Wolfs, STE, Scourge and any others to get help from them. Those who claimed they are better than OEG for the reason they are fighting pirates, not helping them, now only better at hiding their true face in fear of losing connections with hunter clans. Funny, looks like they want everyone to help just for their pretty eyes, but i never see them helping their friends (tools?)... But forget what i just said, purpose of this post is not in starting a flametread.

The fact is, end of the year put us in a strange situation. We have many enemies, but none of them is willing to fight a war. 95% of their pilots only fight when gather alltogether and outnumber us 2-3 to 1. Most fights end in hour leaving us with 1-2 targets who then start complaining about us fighting them with big numbers.. wtf, rly.

Members of OEG wanted a new enemy, one that can put up a fight and with spirit to fight it till the end.. I always knew one clan that refused to die against any odds, old and strong. Clan with cool dudes who can go berserk and bounce for many hours. Planned at the end of november, i wanted to make it official after a first week of .01, but The~Pirates surprised everyone and did it first. I have no other way but to follow.

As everyone already guessed at this point, Order of Elite Games sets reputation to its oldest enemy on HHC back to where it was.
uSF members, as OEG representative i officially start a new war with you and expect it to be fun and flameless.
Other clans are free to choose sides in this conflict or stay friendly to everyone if you're our and uSF's friends.

2admins: please lock this tread to prevent flame.

It is important to remember that anyone who has accomplished more than you has no life and anyone who has accomplished less is a noob. ©

Orkses never lose a battle. If we win we win, if we die we die fightin so it don't count. If we runs for it we don't die neither, cos we can come back for annuver go, see!
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good huntin'


aka chaosgrid
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