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Beitrag Titel: Suggestion: New Clanmission
Verfasst am: 22.04.11 16:51
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V 1.2 English

lambsbread hat folgendes geschrieben:


1.)Changes ingame?

-Pirateclans and fellows will get a new opportunity to hunt traders, shoot them down and transfer the loot into their clan depot via Char Manager. Missions will be startet same as usual Clanmissions. This will prevent from F1 switching during a hunt! As for different Teamplay Pirates may take a transport with them, so they might loot more.

2.)How to?

-Via FL Hook and Char Manager (I dont know details )
-Clans may decide for one Side... Normal Trader or Pirate Missions!
-Roles of each clan will be listed on HP

-If it is more convienient to gameplay, every clan may able to use both variants! No one should be forced to do something... Its HHC.

3.)Why all of this?

-Pirates can do what they are supposed to play! Flying and killing other players, stealing them loot, now with motivation to support own clan base
-Trading Players who do Clanmission have got more challenge
-More Action + Possibilities in Final

4.)I am Pirate and I still want to trade!

-Admins have to decide how they may avoid exploit. So maybe its easier if every clan can fly both variants. For me personally it is better to decide for one of them.

5.)Issues and/or abuse opportunities and Solutions!

-Problem: It is known that many players use the ability to switch through universe... this... really sucks due to this idea!

-Absolutely! So we will involve Char Manager and F1 is no longer available.

-Problem: There is a low apperance by pirate clans who might play this Clanmission.

-Solution: If its this case nothing will change. People fly their missions as usual and so on.. This is just a Opportunity to stimulate the Game for pirates supplying them base and more activity maybe

-Problem: Freighters who start in same system where pirates start webmission will mean a lot opportunities to abuse... For example freighter can be shot by same friend from other clan... even when he starts from other system, so they might build up their supply for "free"!

-Solution: Pirates wont be able to switch into a system , start a clan hunt mission, where freighter has started clanmission! they only can start 1 or 2 systems away.
For freighters shot by Webmission-Pirates there will be a penalty on base supply so no one is advised to abuse this way ^^

-Problem: So what about "Supply-Transfer" between friendly clans by shooting each other during missions frequently, even with this penalty??

-Solution: Penalty will increase fast when freighter takes mission... gets shot... takes mission... get shot (...) by same player or clan over and over again.


Feel free to discuss, critisice, or chear Razz

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financial_expert_silber jumpholefinder_gold rpgchar

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Beitrag Titel:
Verfasst am: 22.04.11 17:17
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Das Unterforum "Suggestions/Clanbases/Charmanager" ist auch auf Englisch, wie der Titel zu erkennen gibt. Warum also hier nochmal?

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