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 Total War Mod Faq is drausen. Nächstes Thema anzeigen
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Beitrag Titel: Total War Mod Faq is drausen.
Verfasst am: 24.02.04 19:22
Antworten mit ZitatNach oben

wollt ich nur ma sagen is schon cool wasse da machen.


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developer kreuz_gold

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Beitrag Titel: Re: Total War Mod Faq is drausen.
Verfasst am: 25.02.04 13:54
Antworten mit ZitatNach oben

Wäre schon gut wenn du kurz anreisst was da drin steht.

ich habs noch nicht gelesen, aber schon länger bekannt sind
folgende Features die ich gut finde sind:
- BS fliegen
- Missions gehen BS (bin ich mir nicht sicher ob sie es hinbekommen haben)
- Death Penalty
- Dynamisch verändertes Serververhalten (NPC Spawns)

bin ja mal gespannt wann das fertig wird ;-)

Gruß Niwo
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Beitrag Titel: Re: Total War Mod Faq is drausen.
Verfasst am: 25.02.04 14:08
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This is the official FAQ and Information Test for the up and coming multiplayer Freelancer mod, IONCROSS: Total War. I, TO (Yes that's my nickname), will take you through the details of the future mod, and why you will enjoy playing it.

Site URL: www.ioncross.com
Forums URL: http://www.fiik.net/cgi-bin/blah/main/Blah.pl?

(a) The Basics
(b) The Story
(c) What's New?
(d) Frequently Asked Questions
(e) Word from the Admin
(f) In Closing...

(a) The Basics

IONCROSS: Total War will place the players into a condensed universe that is torn by a long war between Liberty and Rheinland. Caught in the middle of this war are the relatively neutral "Zoners" living in the warzone known as Bering. New players will start the game in an isolated system occupied by three waring factions, none of the factions, ships or equipment used in this isolated system will be present in the rest of the game, this system is designed to gradually accustom new players to the drastic gameplay changes involved with the mod. New players will be stuck in the isolated system until they earn enough money to buy their way into one of the factions present in the "real" game, at which time the server will move them into the home base of their choosen faction and give them a basic ship & loadout appropriate for that faction. Once in the "real" game players will find themselves in the middle of the war and will be encourage to work for their choosen faction. There will be no true "Freelancers" everyone, regardless of what they do and who they choose as friends will have enemies to deal with. Switching from one faction to another will be extremely difficult if those two factions are not allies... choose wisely.

Currently, The systems are "New York", "Texas", "Hamburg" and "Bering".

(b) The Story

Long ago, just after humanity's desperate exodus from Earth, we were set upon by a great and powerful force, known only as The Enemy... For an entire century we fought and died by the millions, our race devastated by the onslaught. Finally, on the brink of destruction, one system, New York, made the ultimate sacrifice to stop the Enemy's advance, cutting the key jump link and isolating itself, forever. . .

Five hundred years have passed. Two great Houses have arisen from the ashes, and now wage a desperate war for control of the only known source of starship fuel in Sirius, a desolate system called Bering, filled with the detritus of their epochal war. . .

But New York was not isolated completely. There are numerous unstable, dangerous routes out, taken only by the most daring of young pilots. . .the Freelancers, the constant source of new blood for the war. . .

Now, YOU must decide with whom you will side; rough-edged Rhienland, decadent Liberty, or the insular Zoners, a disparate band of vagabonds despised by both Houses. Or will you be a Red Hessian or Liberty Rogue, a pirate of no honor or obligation, viciously preying on the Houses? Whichever you choose, prepare for a constant struggle to survive against overwhelming swarms of formidable opponents. Beset by endless piracy and enemy action, you will have to prove your skills constantly, or end up merely another twisted fuselage floating through the minefields of Bering. . .

But beware! There is more - in New York, a strange cult called the Xenos has arisen, foretelling the return of the Enemy, and the far-flung Zoners have heard inklings of a strange and terrible power moving in the shadows of far-off, alien worlds. . .

This is a world of struggle.
This is a bloodied portrait of a race on the brink of destruction.
This is the fight of your life.

This is IONCROSS Freelancer: Total War

For more information, please visit the following URL:

(c) What's New?

Weapon and Shield Classes

Weapon/shield classes no longer indicate relative strengths. Instead, Liberty weapons and shields are all within a single class, while Rhineland weapons and shields belong to a different class. This means that you must be flying a Liberty ship to equip Liberty-class weapons and shields. This allows us to give each house varying strengths and weaknesses, and make it harder for players to hurt other players in the same house accidentally.

... "One of the best parts of the mod is that there are no "free lunches". Even the simplest situations can be potentially dangerous if you get sloppy." - Tarquin (IONCROSS Mod Beta Tester)


Shields are no longer as strong as they were, and will no longer can make a player invincible. In fact, any player using basic weaponry is able to damage and even kill players that have equipped the best shield possible. Shields are usually only going to be strong enough to withstand a few hits before they fail. To offset this, ship armor values will be stronger, and there will be large difference between the armor values of light and heavy fighters and freighters. Expect to lose portions of your ship and weapons more frequently than you're used to. You'll be spending a lot of money repairing your ship and equipment.

... "Highly recommended!!!!! I lost 14 pounds in one week on this mod... I Loved it!!!!!" - Bom (IONCROSS Mod Beta Drunk)


Missions in the new mod will be very difficult and will probably require that players group together more frequently. You'll always be allied with players of your house to work towards your common goal. As a result of this, player-made clans will be eliminated from the game.

"I took up a mission that payed a fairly high amount of money. By the time the battle was done I had more dents in my ship than I have pores on my body." - TO (IONCROSS Team)


As with Victor's MP Enhancement Mod, you may mount more than one thruster on your ship. Thruster fuel is now limited, however, and you need to dock to replenish your thruster's fuel supply. Different thrusters will be more efficient or provide you with more speed. Most ships will be limited to two thruster mounts, however some may have more.


Players will ALWAYS carry a piece of cargo that shows they're "alive." When you die in the game, you lose your cargo (including this item). Server-side software will use this to track player deaths. When your player is found online without "life," you will be kicked from the server and your player's file modified to "punish" you for the death. Your ship, equipment, and a portion of your money will be stripped (amounts have yet to be determined) and you will be reset to a standard loadout (including again, your "life" cargo). When you see your ship blow up on your screen, it truly is being destroyed and you'll have to buy yourself another ship. No longer will players be able to kill themselves to get their lost equipment back or to save themselves a repair bill. When you die, you'll be put back to (almost) square one.

... "The dogfoghting has an intense, visceral feel to it. Level One opponents fight like they want to survive and no one rolls over and gives you an easy kill." - Tarquin (IONCROSS Mod Beta Tester)


Cargo plays a more important role now than ever before. Ammo takes up cargo, as do shield batteries and nanobots. This means you no longer have a set limit on ammunition or bots/bats; instead you will be limited by the cargo space in your ship. For example, torpedoes will be too "large" for light fighters to carry, so mount all the launchers you want, but you can't carry the ammunition unless you're in a ship with greater capacity. This will also lead to Freighter-class ships being used as gunboats because they can carry more missiles and torpedoes. Freighters may also be used for resupply ships - two players may be in light fighters doing the actual fighting and when they're out of missiles, a third player in a freighter can drop ammo for them to re-supply them.


Players will be allowed only one character for the new mod. If you create a second character on the server, your first will be DELETED. This is to prevent bank and storage characters, and some forms of cheating. If the idea of only having one character makes you uncomfortable, this will not be the mod for you to play. We're changing Freelancer completely, not just modifying it.


Cheaters will be auto-banned and will stay banned. If you want to enjoy this new mod, don't cheat. You've only got one chance at it. Server software is being designed that will be able to identify cheaters and take care of them automatically. If you play the way you're supposed to, you'll be fine. If not, you'll be banned and you'll never have a chance to try the IONCROSS mod again. We hate cheaters and don't want them on IONCROSS.

... "It's truly wicked." - Kaiten (IONCROSS Team)


The music in Total War will be specialised for each system. There will be new bar tracks and battle themes as well as ambiences for separate areas of a system. So no more single tracks for 4 or 5 systems, now you'll see 2-3 ambient tracks in each system. The music will be an optional download and will work with FLMM.

- For any more information on the mod, please visit our forums.

(d) Frequently Asked Questions

I've included some relevant quotes from the team and testers with the questions.
Starting off with the most frequently asked question...

Q: When will the mod be released?
A: The day after its finished. I can't stress how important it is that we don't give out a release date. Too many mods and games give out a release date that they end up overshooting, or in order to have the game ready by that date they will take shortcuts. We don't want this to happen. This mod will be perfected in every way before we release it.

... "The new mod is coming along slower than I originally thought it would, but it's also become a lot more than I had also imagined. It is being tested thoroughly for balance and stability, which also is taking a lot of time. The testers on a whole have been invaluable to us in making suggestions and creating a mod that people of all playing abilities and styles can enjoy." - JoeBoomz (IONCROSS Administration)
... "If you got bored because it (The old FL mod) was too easy or because Freelancer lacked depth, then this mod will revive your interest and challenge you like never before." - Kaiten (IONCROSS Team)
... "I'm somewhat awestruck by the amount of time, skill and dedication that went into this (mod) so far." - FIDGAF (IONCROSS Mod Beta Tester)

Q: Can I have more than one character, with one character being used for...
A: No. All players (excluding the developers and testers when needed) will be restricted to a single character. Creating additional characters will result in the server deleting as many of your characters as needed to get you back within the one character limit.

Q: Can my clan play IC:TW?
A: I don't care, but you'll find the gameplay is significantly changed from the original game and many of the reasons for having a clan, such as having friends to fly with, will no longer be as important due to the fact that there are waring factions present and the smaller size of space will keep the majority of the online players closer together.

Q: I read that New York is separated from the other systems in the mod, how is this managed?
A: New York is an introduction system in order to accomodate new people slowly into the story and feel of the mod. Players will start at Rochester Base, from there they will launch and head to either side of the system, depending on which faction they wish to join. There they will do missions for the faction of their choice until they can afford to pay their way into the according system. At this point they will return to Rochester to accept the bribe from the appropriate person in the bar. Joe's software will then kick the player from the server. When the player rejoins he/she will be in a new system with a new ship.

... "This mod is not for everyone, only the best pilots will survive New York and enter into the actual war zone." - Mr. Furious (IONCROSS Mod Beta Tester)
... "New York is one of the most amazing systems I've been in. There is a giant Gas cloud dominating the west side of the system that has been labelled 'The Blood Cloud.' It frightens me every time I go near it, it's just that big and awe-inspiring." - TO (IONCROSS Team)

Q: I don't want to fight other players, can I join the Zoners and be neutral to everyone like they are?
A: The Zoners were neutral to almost everyone, this is a whole new ballgame.

Q: I don't like PvP combat, can't I just trade in peace?
A: No. This will be a multiplayer online game, not a single player game that you play over the internet. You will not be forced into attacking other players but they are welcome to attack you for whatever reason they may, or may not have. This mod is called "Total War" for a reason. ;)

... "Players will learn the finer points of fleeing for their lives." - Mr. Furious (IONCROSS Mod Beta Tester)
... "Players will have to adjust to a far more challenging enemy or get used to dying frequently." - Kaiten (IONCROSS Team)
... "I just want to see players die... " - Victor (IONCROSS: Total War King)

Q: What if I don't like the faction I started in, can I switch to another?
A: Yes. You can start over with a new character, earn some money in the isolated system and buy your way into a different faction. You may also try to switch your reputation within the game, if you switch to a faction is if friendly with your current faction it will be relatively easy otherwise it will be extremely difficult. Choose wisely.

Q: What factions are available?
A: Several actually...
- Liberty Navy, Liberty Police, Universal Shipping, Deep Space Engineering and Gateway Shipping all fly under the Liberty Flag.
- Rheinland Military, Rheinland Police, Republican Shipping, Krugger Minerals and Dauman Heavy Industries all fly under the Rheinland Flag.
- And there are the Zoners who are neutral with Liberty and Rheinland, however they are popular targets for the pirates. There are also two pirate factions, the Liberty Rogues who are a sharp thorn in Liberty's side and the Red Hessians who will do anything to resist submitting to Rheinland's authority.

... "You better put your toilet paper in the freezer because it's that hot." - FIDGAF (IONCROSS Mod Beta Tester)

Q: Are all factions equal or are there differences between them?
A: Each faction has its advantages and disadvantages depending on your playing style and what type of game you enjoy. The different Liberty and Rheinland factions are relatively equal with their counterparts however. The Liberty Navy and Rheinland Military players will have access to ships & equipment that no other player can buy, not even players that are extremely friendly with them. Also, every faction will have access to specific ships and only those ships may mount that factions weapons and shields, in general the Military will have better equipment than the Corporations but the corporate ships will be better suited for merchant and bounty hunter style players.

... "IONCROSS: Total War is easily the most comprehensive, unique, and challenging mod for freelancer ever created by man. It's practically a different game now." - Mr. Furious (IONCROSS Mod Beta Tester)

Q: Can I still be a merchant or is the new mod focused on combat alone?
While the primary focus of the new mod has been combat oriented (AI, ships & weapons) it is still possible to play the role of a merchant. In fact, trading should be substantially more interesting with the increased difficulty of combat and the dynamic enviromant of a war torn universe. One important fact needs to be mentioned however, the trading has been balanced with the missions so it is no longer quicker and easier to make money as a merchant. Expect trade profits to reflect the difficulty and effort (time) spent on the route and expect very few simple two-way trading routes.

Q: Will there be any new ships (models) in IC:TW?
A: No, not in the initial public release and not anytime in the near future. The advantage of using the original game models is that they fully support LOD (level of detail) which is important in maintaining acceptable client performance. The original ships also support destructible parts and the testers are really enjoying removing parts from their opponents' ships.

..."Players will notice the attention to detail in this mod. There's nothing half-assed about it... We aren't cutting any corners here at all." - Kaiten (IONCROSS Team)

Q: Will ICFTW fix the bugs in Victor's MP Enhancement Mod?
A: ICFTW is a completely new mod and is not based on the old mod so it will not fix the old mod at all. However, having learned from my past mistakes there will not be the same bugs, instead we will have entirely new bugs to deal with.

... "Even though not all of our suggestions are taken, at least they are listened to and evaluated by the design team." - FIDGAF (IONCROSS Mod Beta Tester)

Q: How will cheating be addressed in the game?
A: Cheating has been made a lot harder thanks to the software made by Joe. Any people caught cheating will be banned from the server instantly. Any players who tamper with their files as a means of cheating will find themselves unable to connect to the main server until they reinstall Freelancer.

..."I think the highlight of the mod, though, is the anti-cheating software. Joe has made it next to impossible to cheat and we are always searching for exploits and plugging those holes, too." - Kaiten (IONCROSS Team)
..."Cheating is immpossible... That alone stands out. You've got to love that if you're tired of cheaters." - FIDGAF (IONCROSS Mod Beta Tester)

Q: How can I apply to be a beta tester for the new mod?
A: You can't. Beta testers are invited onto the team based upon a number of criteria including their general attitude and ability to communicate clearly and effectively with the development team. If you really want to be a beta tester your best chance is to be active on the public Ion Cross server and the forums here, establish a good reputation and show that you would be a worthwhile addition to our team. Out of our current list of testers very few of them came to us and offered to help, the rest were asked by us.

Q: This music is good, who's developing the music for TW and how will it work?
A: TO is our composer for TW. The music will be specialised for each system. It will work with FLMM and will overwrite the original music tracks in the game. Unlike the original Freelancer, we have specialised tracks for each area of a system, so you will notice alternations in the theme. It is not necessary to download the music, however it certainly adds a new atmosphere to the game, so we recommend downloading it. As you can tell from the accompanying tracks, the new mod will also include new bar music.

... "TO has created music that far exceeds the original game music. Hell, I never used to listen to game music - now I do." - Kaiten (IONCROSS Team)

(e) Word from the Admin

JoeBoomz has the following to say:

I've made installing the new mod easy and hassle-free by writing a mod loader program to take care of it for our users. All that's required is an absolutely FRESH install of Freelancer. The new loader updates the mod files whenever new ones are available in addition to presenting the latest news to our uses while it's checking the file versions. Any of the testers can attest to our high level of security in the new mod. I'm confident that we've eliminated most forms of cheating in the game, and that players in the new mod can enjoy the game without very little threat of others taking advantage of the system. Of course, I'm expecting a few creative minds to find a way around the system but I've done my best to prevent cheating. The loader is required to play the new mod, as is a fresh install of Freelancer. It's the only way we can guarantee the system integrity.

The software I've written to organize player points, scoring and house ranking systems, is a modified version of my IONCROSS Freelancer Server Operator software. The Mod Operator software (as I've called it) is comprised of over 10000 FULL lines of code (14500 total) and has been surprisingly bug-free in our testing so far (no total crashes or disappeared players, anyway). FiiK may also be developing an optimized version of the FLAdmin DLL specifically for use on my Mod Operator software. There are still a lot of options out there for what can be done in terms of external software player file editing, and the only limitation is what I'm willing to put the work into and my own imagination.

The mod overall is getting fairly close to completion, but a period dedicated to testing is also required before a public release. As we get closer to the main release, I'll have bakedpotato from Lancersreactor try the mod out and tell the world what HE thinks about it on the news page there.

What most people are finding that have tried the mod so far is once you've played it, you can't go back. Normal Freelancer is boring and far too easy after you've learned the ins and outs of the new mod. I love playing it personally and I'm proud to be a part of such an undertaking. Victor is a modding genius and to everyone that thought Victor's 1.62 Multiplayer Enhancement Mod was good: You ain't seen nothing yet

I'd like to take this time to thank everyone (both developers and testers) for the valuable time they've investing in making this mod a success. It truly has been (and will be) a pleasure working with (and getting to know) you guys in the process of making this mod what it is. We couldn't have done it without you. The team we have at IONCROSS is the best in the world, and I KNOW that NO OTHER Freelancing mod or modding team has or will ever come close us.

IONCROSS Freelancer: Total War is the future of Freelancer. If anyone tries to argue that they'll be wasting their time

-- JoeBoomz

(f) In Closing...

IONCROSS: Total War looks to be a thoroughly enjoyable multiplayer experience. Anyone looking for a mod that is strict on cheating, and encouraging on teamwork and creating a challenge should look forward to Total War. Feel free to visit the site and forums to stay updated on the mod and chat with the team about the progress.

Site URL: www.ioncross.com
Forums URL: http://www.fiik.net/cgi-bin/blah/main/Blah.pl?

You can look forward to extra surprises down the track, once the mod has been released. Once the teams are well under way, new and darker surprises may be revealed, and perhaps along the line, a common enemy will reveal itself to both sides... so keep an eye on the news in-game.

Thankyou for reading the FAQ, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Enjoy the music package, and come visit us at the forums!

Yours Truly,

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Beitrag Titel: Re: Total War Mod Faq is drausen.
Verfasst am: 26.02.04 00:05
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yo des war mal schön agerissen^^
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Beitrag Titel: Re: Total War Mod Faq is drausen.
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Reis mal auf Deutsch an plz.

Es ist geil ein hinterhältiges Posted Image, might have been reduced in size. Click Image to view fullscreen. zu sein

Brutus, [O.I.A]Frosty, Ex-[Overlord]Imperator, Battlemaster
Suchts euch raus :-P

Und dank Bloodys liebevoller Namenskreation:

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Beitrag Titel: Re: Total War Mod Faq is drausen.
Verfasst am: 27.02.04 20:51
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Also ich übersetz das nich.



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Beitrag Titel: Re: Total War Mod Faq is drausen.
Verfasst am: 08.03.04 18:17
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Das Mod wird eh vollständig auf Englisch sein (bis auf ein paar Ausnahmen, aber das allermeiste ist komplett Englisch), d.h. wer das hier net lesen kann oder zu faul dazu ist, für den wird das Mod sowieso nix sein.
Der IONCROSS Server selbst ist in den USA, viele Spieler kommen aus unterschiedlichsten Ländern, d.h. die hautpsächliche Sürache wird Englisch sein, wie es schon auf dem alten IONCROSS Server der Fall war.
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