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Beitrag Titel: English Claninfo: Reefer_Wing
Verfasst am: 21.10.04 14:42
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Hi there,

We are the Reefer_Wing which operates in the following systems:

Omicron Systems (pirating)
Auriga Systems (pirating and trading)
Sigma Systems (homebase, pirating and trading)
Omega Systems (pirating and trading)
Bretonia Systems (trading)
Tau Systems (trading)
Kusari Systems (pirating and trading)

We are a Pirate&Trader-Clan that takes taxes in these systems.
We also have a Trader Fleet to deport VIPs from London to Auriga in big armed Konvoys.

Our HomeBase will be at Planet Hades in the Sigma-19 System.
Our Rep-Manager Tag will be: ~{R_W}~

Our primary Homebase is Freeport 9 in Omicron Theta System.
You will have to pay at least 500.000 Credits to get permission to land, if some of us spot you aiming this station.

The Reputation stands for the old Omicron Pirates: [O.I.A] and (*-.Snakes.-*)
We have a N(on)A(gressive)P(ack) with [FS]Clan, cause of trading and having fun together.

All other Clans are free to tax or Enemies. (most of them enemies)

We are on HHC since Oct*03 ; first we fought the mighty Omicron Pirates with the good clans together, but now we have conquered Omicron for ourselfes operating with those Pirates!

Taxes have no justice we take taxes how much and Where we want.

All Players (except red enemies) have the chance to buy a better Reputation or a NAP with us:

Clean Rep: 15Million Credits for players ; 35Million for clans

NAP: 25Million Credits for players ; 50Million Credits for clans

Remember: Clean Rep means that you are not our enemy, but you still have to pay taxes!

With a NAP you are free to flight until some of our agents spots you fighting with enemies together or attacking one of us!

If you want to join us, contact one of our members.

Greetz, the Reefer_Wing

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BuCKLE uP LaDiES, We are heading to the Reefer System.
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